What is Wikiblock?

Wikiblock is an open-source toolkit of designs for benches, chairs, planters, stages, bus stops, beer garden fences, and kiosks that can be downloaded for free and taken to a makerspace where a CNC router (a computer-aided machine) can cut them out of a sheet of plywood. Most products can then be assembled without glue or nails, and used instantly to make a block better.

Where can I get my design cut out?

Anywhere that has a CNC router. Most makerspaces will have one. Call yours and see what’s required to use it.

How can I report an issue with a design?

Please email krista@betterblock.org if you have any issues with any of the designs.

How can I upload my own design?

We want to ensure the highest quality of product. Therefore, we ask that you go here and tell us about your design. We will then create a prototype to test it, and review it. If we decide to add it to the site, we will notify you.

What does it mean when an item is vetted by Better Block?

That means we have cut it out and tested it. If it has not been vetted by us, we have not cut it out. If you work on a file that has not been vetted, and you find an issue, please notify us at krista@betterblock.org.

Will new designs/elements be added?

Yes. This is just the beginning. Check back as we will be adding to the library on a rotating basis.