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Our Work

Better Blocks have a two-fold purpose: They shows the community members that they have the power to make changes in their neighborhoods, and they show City Hall how these changes would work.

The first Better Block proposed a rezoning of Tyler Street in Dallas; it showcased the high fees of adding street cafes; it recommended  changing the street from a one-way to a two-way. All these things have been done. But, most importantly, it brought neighbors together to make a change.

Community engagement comes in many forms; the whole premise of a Better Block is to get a community to come together. Our projects are not successful if the community is not involved. In order to do this, we host multiple speaking and planning events. Better Blocks are speed dating for communities, and are just the first step. Once you’ve had a Better Block, then you have identified the leaders in the neighborhood and they’ve been organized.

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Krista Nightengale

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Amy Cowan

Our team: Dylan Adams, Olivia Rodriguez, Zachary Forney, Kiara Brown, Jason Roberts, Colin Amos, Katie Beck, Nim Tamang, Patrick Blaydes, Krista Nightengale (not pictured: Jessica Puckett)