Akron Better Block in the works


Monday’s Better Block Community Walk through a block in the North Hill neighborhood of Akron.


Jason Roberts, co-founder of the Better Block project, presenting on the Better Block

The Knight Foundation and Team Better Block have begun laying the groundwork for their first collaboration with the city of Akron, Ohio. The community of North Hill has been selected for the city’s first Better Block and residents, business owners, and city staff have all partnered to start preparing the Cuyahoga Falls and Main Street area for a project that will combine efforts with local organizations like the International Institute, Urban Vision, and AMATS.

A large group of stakeholders attended the Community Walk kick-off for the project on Monday, and ideas were submitted for potential pop-up businesses in the area.

If you’d like more information on the project, or would like to sign up to take part, visit the Akron Better Block facebook page. More details to come soon!


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  1. Doug Page

    I live on Berwin St, the first right off of Cuyahoga Falls Ave and Main St. I definitely would like to be involved in the revitalization of my neighborhood. Please contact me on how I can help.

  2. Dr.Ramona Ortega University of Akron (PAUS)

    I want to volunteer for Build a Better Block Akron. Please contact me. I attended Jason Robert’s presentation at Akron Civic Theater and was impressed. Dr. Ramona Ortega, Dept. of Public Administration & Urban Studies (PAUS). I will try to engage graduate students to take part too.

  3. Fritz

    I have a craft store and wood shop @ 980 N. Main St., just a few blocks past Cuyahoga Falls Ave and this part of the neighborhood needs to be revamped as well. Is there any way you can lengthen the better block project to help out our businesses on this end? We also have neighbors next door who are opening up a print shop and will also be using the space for a youth outreach program. This side of Main St. seems to be left out of everything and this part really needs the help, just as much as the other areas, if not more. Please feel free to stop by our shop also. Thanks.

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