Fort Lauderdale to hold their first Better Block on June 16th

On June 16th, Cadence and urban planning students from FAU will hold Fort Lauderdale’s first Better Block project. The project is set to take place on NW 1st Avenue, between NW 5th and NW 6th Streets. More details can be found on their facebook page and twitter feed.


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  1. Frank Link

    The city will kill this idea too with expensive parking meters and parking lots just like they killed Riverwalk. Ft Lauderdale is NOT business friendly and is only interested in squeezing a buck out of their citizens. Give up citizens and stop banging our heads against the wall.

    • Todd Leftfoot


      Let’s stay positive here. The city is trying to make a change for the better and this is a great opportunity for them to show their support. We as citizens have to also set an example, one small step at a time. Hope to see you out there.

      Todd L.

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