Build a Greener Block – Las Vegas

Build a Greener Block – Las Vegas

Las Vegas is officially rolling out its first Better Block project dubbed “Greener Blocks” on April 28th and 29th. The team has setup an IndieGoGo fundraising account and is planning to only use recycled or upcycled materials and solar power to help transform a neighborhood block. Check out their facebook event page here, and sign up to volunteer today!

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  1. rictandag

    We are VERY excited about Greener Blocks here in Las Vegas!! This is just the beginning! A lot of excitement and community spirit!! Check out this related article in today’s Las Vegas Sun and PLEASE SUPPORT US – wherever you are because we are focused on inspiring and motivating ourselves, our community, our globe.
    Indiegogo ‏ @Indiegogo
    CAMPAIGN OF THE DAY: Las Vegas is known for being Sinful not Sustainable. This community plan to change this!

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