Video showing mixed traffic on Ross

One of the key assumptions we were excited to test and debunk during the Ross Project was that Dallas could not create viable pedestrian spaces due to being too hot and car-centric. Specifically, the thought of placing a market in the center of a major arterial was formerly considered untenable and would hurt pedestrians as vehicle sped in and out of the area. What actually happened was traffic was slowed to a safer level giving families, pedestrians and bicyclists a humane environment to traverse while also allowing cars in and out of the area. Also, a portion of Ross that had been given up to vehicle traffic only had now shown the ability to increase economics for the area by allowing a pedestrian market, while showing an opportunity to develop the area as a “place” as opposed to a thoroughfare only. Our streets must be revisioned for people ages 8 – 80 and yesterday proved that we could have “great places” throughout our city. Someone on a blog even mentioned that the space was somewhat “boring” which we took as a huge compliment given that prior to this, people said it would be chaotic and dangerous. Another major find for our team was showing that Dallas citizens would come out, even in a 100 degree summer as long as there were shade features and amenities. In fact, in hindsight, we could have comfortably accommodated 100 trees in the area to help bring the temperature down greatly. The spaces that combined water and shade were very popular and getting a chance to bring out the New York inspired dumpster pool idea was a big hit. We’ll definitely be adding more of those to the mix here on out.

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