Ross Avenue 72 Hour Challenge Wrap-up

Wanda Dye's UTA Class takes the prize for most innovative design at the 72 Hour Ross Challenge

We’re sunburned, dehydrated, and slightly delirious, but all in all amazed at all of the inspired and creative ideas that came out of the teams participating in the 72 Hour Build a Better Boulevard Challenge. The scope for this effort was the largest we’ve taken on to date…transform 6 city blocks from a car-only thoroughfare, to a multi-modal destination. The scale meant we had several open spaces, so the focus was on creating great hubs which the teams all went to great lengths in accomplishing. At the end of the day UTA’s Team Pocket Park took the prize for most innovative space that incorporated reclaimed materials and encouraged people to linger. The group used reclaimed billboard vinyl creating a billowing sail/shade feature. Beyond that, they acquired discarded fencing materials to create 40 tables and chairs that they arranged in an area to face a small stage. Runner-up was Team Better Bus Stop 1 made up of members of D-Magazine, La Terra and the Innovative Young Professionals group. Their groups created a bus stop which featured series of cardboard tubes with umbrellas, repurposed pallet-wood for benches, games, and a newstand. Every group brought amazing elements to the table and our deepest gratitude goes out to all! Check out more great pics below:

UTA's waving shade structure

UTA's seating made from reclaimed fencing material

DMagazine/La Terra/Innovative Young Professionals Bus Stop

Team Better Bus Stop 3

We Are 1976's bus stop

Team Pop-Up Dog Park

Team Ross Ramblas shade structure using reclaimed PVC and billboard vinyl

Dumpster Pool!

Ross Ramblas

BikeDFW's bike powered smoothie stand

We’d like to thanks all the incredible players, and sponsors who helped us pull this project together including:

Downtown Dallas, Inc.
D Magazine
Dallas Black Dance
Fellowship Church
Dunaway Associates
FIDO Oak Cliff
Three Sheets
Spire Realty
We Are 1976
Bryan Street HOA
214 Cross Fit
North Texas Congress for the New Urbanism
Greater Dallas Planning Council
Baylor Health
La Terra


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