Tulsa’s Street CReD returns with a second block revitalization project

Tulsa’s Young Professional group (TYPros) will host the second annual Street CReD in West Tulsa’s Red Fork area. This year’s event will focus on reviving the area’s rich history and building on the growing enthusiasm for Route 66. Last year’s Polishing the Pearl event was a huge success and brought out a large group of activists and organizers to help re-envision a small historic block in Tulsa. Click here for more on Polishing the Pearl.

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  1. Daniele

    Your point about convenience hit home with me as well. It is diulicfft when a community fails to support revitalization. It is also diulicfft when their methods of support or ideas about revitalization differ. I would personally prefer to deal with differing passions rather than apathy any day. At least passionate people care about their beliefs. My response would be that there is a tipping point in communities. When enough people work for change, revitalization can be successful. I also feel that a community needs to have at least similar ideas about what pretty and nice can look like. A strict interpretation is not really that necessary but a similarity of style is helpful. Its seems strange to me when people buy a house only to gut what is there, good and bad. I would not agree with razing neighborhoods to build malls, but I love history more than shopping at mega stores.

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